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Michael Sheresky
Michael Sheresky has been a director since April 2007. Mr. Sheresky is a partner at United Talent Agency and has served as a motion picture talent agent there since June 2009, where he is responsible for structuring projects and deals in the areas of motion picture and television development, production, and distribution. From 1992 until 1995, and then from 1997 until May 2009, Mr. Sheresky held a number of positions at the William Morris Agency, a talent agency, most recently Senior Vice President in its Motion Picture Department. During that time, he represented authors, journalists, screenwriters, directors, producers and actors in the motion picture and television businesses. Mr. Sheresky holds an MBA from Harvard University and a B.A. from Vassar College. Mr. Sheresky’s entertainment experience obtained from his various positions at William Morris Agency and United Talent Agency is an important asset to the Board of Directors, and as such, the Board of Directors has deemed Mr. Sheresky qualified to serve as a director.