T2 Diversity Statement

Take-Two’s most important asset is our people. We firmly believe that more diverse teams are more valuable and effective. Diversity is key to our success. We are committed to enhancing diversity at Take-Two and throughout our industry.

Take-Two strives to provide an inclusive workplace in which everyone feels respected, heard and safe. Take-Two’s culture of compassion and respect fosters a warm, welcoming environment for all qualified candidates and colleagues. Development opportunities are individually tailored, and all decisions regarding hiring, career progression and compensation are based on qualifications, work ethic, and job performance.

Take-Two’s commitment to inclusion extends beyond the workplace to the ways in which we support our communities and our customers. Examples include:

  • Working together on company-sponsored service projects in the communities in which we operate.

  • Encouraging individual volunteerism and giving through our philanthropic and matching donations programs.

  • Providing financial and other support to organizations working to eradicate social and racial injustice as well as providing educational, athletic, and other opportunities to underserved communities.

  • Working with organizations to support the rights of the LGBTIQ community, and to increase that community’s representation in our industry.

  • Endeavoring to expand the diversity of our industry’s candidate pool through scholarships to minority game design students and contributions to organizations providing STEM opportunities to children in underserved communities, and delivering interview training and career counseling to young adults in those same communities.

  • Celebrating cultural differences through various employee affinity groups and company events and offerings.

  • Training employees to recognize and report, through clear lines of communication, any signs of harassment, discrimination, retaliation or other inappropriate behaviors in the workplace through our robust compliance training program, Code of Business Conduct and other internal policies.

These efforts and more contributed to Take-Two being named one of Wall Street Journal’s Best Managed US Companies in 2018, included among EM360’s Top 10 Companies with the Best Employee/Employer Relations in 2019, and listed on Fortune’s Great Places to Work list in 2019 and Best Places to Work in NYC list in 2020. Take-Two strives to be the most creative, innovative, and efficient company in the entertainment industry. Our ability to achieve these goals depends on our having strong, diverse colleagues with a broad array of life experiences.